Rún is the Old Norse spelling of ‘rune’ and it came into Irish where it means ‘inscription’, ‘intent’, ‘secret’, and by extension a secret or treasured love.  It has also been borrowed into Finnish where ‘runo’ means ‘poem’. The poets Robert Graves and Valentin Iremonger in a correspondence in 1944 described poetry as ‘a shared secret’.

Rún Press publishes substantial collections of poems, and books about poetry, by poets whose work is already known through previous publications. Its imprint, Parmenides Books (www.parmenidesbooks.ie) publishes ‘crossover’ books between literature and neuroscience.

Sean Haldane – The Hugger Mugger

Seán Haldane, born in 1943, is the author of six collections of poems, two historical crime novels, and four books on psychology and neuroscience. He lives in England and Canada.

I like Seán’s poems: clean, accurate and no nonsense…. They make sense, which is rare these days.’
Robert Graves (1968)

‘Imaginative and always intelligent… impressive and moving.’
Martin Seymour-Smith (1986)

‘He can be sure of his place among the English poets.’
Robert Nye (1993)

‘The poems display… a consistent voice, which mark them out as written by Seán Haldane and no other.’
David Cameron (2009)

‘Not unlike walking very close to a waterfall. Things sparkle and flash on all sides.’
Helena Nelson (2010)